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Volga | A605

Volga young female spaniel crossFemale, Young, Small

Volga and Gipsy were brought in for rehoming as their owners have got divorced and are “unable” to keep their dogs. This is particularly sad for the dogs, as being mother and daughter, have never ben apart. Volga is the younger of the two, being born in May 2013. She is a fabulous looking black and white spaniel/ setter cross with stunning markings. She is very friendly and active, and to be honest all she thinks about at the moment is getting out of her kennel for some exercise. It would be lovely to think that the two dogs could be homed together, but we are sure that Volga will be happy with another dog or even alone, providing she has lots of love and a garden to run round in.

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  • Affectionate and active
  • Fine with other dogs and cats
  • Needs a loving family and a garden

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