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Walks and Parks.

Thursdays tend to be good days at the refuge. That is the day when we seem to have the largest number of volunteers and the refuge is always buzzy, with lots of dogs being walked. In addition, the two newly castrated males were both mixed with females. And how happy they were…the hormones haven’t worn off yet, the poor things don’t know the horrible truth! 
Lots of other dogs got playtime in the parks, and one of them was lucky enough to catch the eye of an adopter. But you will have to wait to find out who is leaving; just one clue, thought, she is black and would soon have become one of the forgotten ones. 
Although it is not an adoption, one little girl left the refuge today. Portia arrived at the same time as Guinness, who has since been adopted. Our strict hygiene rules mean that we don’t allow puppies of different litters to mix until a week after their second vaccination, so Portia has been very lonely. Luckily a wonderful new volunteer has taken her home, which will be great for her socialisation and stop her crying all the time. The dog that is! Portia is a lovely little girl and we are hoping that being in a foster family will boost her chances of adoption, as we will be much better informed about her character.
Here she is on the day she arrived; more photos should arrive soon; keep an eye on her album on our Facebook page


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