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Weather warning for diva dogs!

With heavy rain forecast overnight in the Aude, the temptation for many people might be to huddle up indoors unless they absolutely have to go out. One good thing about having a dog (or multiple dogs) is that regardless of the weather, walking is a must. Rain or shine, dogs need their exercise, and so do we!

Apparently there is a reason. Research shows that dogs hear at a wider range of frequencies than us. The low end of the range is similar, but dogs can hear noises up to 45 kHz while humans only hear up to 23 kHz.  The sound of the rain hitting the ground and is actually louder to a dog’s sensitive hearing and can hurt their ears. Thus goes the theory, at least! And why do they forget their discomfort once they are out? Because they are dogs, of course, and there is always something fun to do out there!

So for anyone who thinks that their dog is just being a prima donna, think again! Unless your dog really is a prima donna of course!

Whatever the case, take care out there. Winds are due to be high, so avoid forests if you know there to be lots of dead trees, as falling branches can be fatal. Wear bright clothing or carry a torch if you are out on roads, as drivers’ vision will be limited. Some people buy a reflective lead or collar for their dog, or even a jacket. And make sure you have towels waiting so that you and your canine friend can dry off easily when you get home.

Above all else, enjoy your dog, whatever the weather!

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