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What a Team!

To say that today was busy would be the understatement of the decade. I arrived to a scene of chaos, with people and dogs everywhere, some (like Canelle) being reclaimed by their delighted  owners, others (Tommy) being reserved. Then Sarah arrived after her long drive from Belgium, and we had to unload her van. Yes, not only is the association for whom she is a volunteer taking 5 of  our “unhomeable” ex-chasse dogs, they have even donated us food and other accessories. This time we got 4 cat transport cages, and 50 cat litter trays, plus I don’t know how much dog food. Lots!
A new volunteer has welding equipment, and several of the boxes were repaired, this morning, while the refuge is shut to the public and a huge thanks to him, too.
A lovely English couple came from 3 hours away and took Lucky, the beautiful golden retriever,  and I am hoping that another British couple may come back to take a dog, whom they met today, too. I was busy busy busy, as were all the other volunteers, who were out walking dogs and introducing them to the numerous visitors.
Meanwhile “team Geant” was hard at work, and just before the refuge shut, 3 cars went off to collect the food that had been donated during the day. It was wonderful to return to the refuge to see about 10 volunteers still waiting to help us unload. Bearing in mind it was 18H30 at this time, I was quite moved to see such dedication. We have a great team.
Of course it was not all good news, with the arrival of a couple of dogs, but they should be easily homed if their owners don’t come for them.  Not a bad day all in all and thanks to everyone for their help and support, as ever.
My plan had been to weed the area at the front of the office and I had taken up gardening gloves and a hoe. The weeds have lived to fight another day!

Lucky leaves

Sarah arrives

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  1. Wow, what a day – more out than in today & lots of help & food from your efforts at the supermarket. I hope Sarah has a good trip back to Belgium & her passengers have a good life. Keep up the good work.

  2. A pleasure to read 🙂 Sarah is a star!

  3. What a wonderful day. All those fantastic people giving up their valuable time. Such a pleasure to read. I had a bit of a lump in my throat when I read that Lucky had gone. I have been eyeing him ever since he arrived and thinking should I take a chance, but with my Doberman male I knew in my heart it would not be good for either of them. I am so,so happy for him
    ‘Good luck lovely Lucky. I wish you a wonderful life’
    ……..and the weeds. They are flowers that do not grow in rows. Remember at this time of year it is on them that the bees depend. They will look pretty for a few more days and wait for you to attend to them. xx

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