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What did you say? NINE Adoptions!

In what felt like the middle of the night, but which was in fact very early morning, we had our first departure of the day. This time it was Babar who left with a TRACES registered vehicle for his new life in the UK.

Babar’s story is quite interesting, and many of you have read the diaries written by his foster mum. Before leaving for his new home, Babar was lucky enough to spend several weeks with Kate. She is a very experienced fosterer, having fostered dogs for “Guide Dogs for the Blind” amongst others. Needless to say Babar made huge progress while he was with her and we cannot thank her enough.

TRACES legislation meant that Babar had to return to the SPA for a couple of days before his departure, which must have been a shock for him. And even with all her year’s experience of fostering, Kate admitted that saying goodbye was very emotional. I know exactly what she means. There is something about a timid dog that just gets hold of your heart; you are their world, and they have such trust in you. Still, knowing that Babar’s time at the SPA would be short must have helped, along with the knowledge that he is going to such a wonderful home.

Babar is going to live with Kath, who adopted dalmatian Jazzy last year! Babar is used to having a friend to play with (he always shared his kennel at the SPA, and Kate has another dog, too), and we already know what a great life Jazzy has. So good things await Babar!

long eared beagle


Huge thanks to Kate for looking after Babar and of course to Kath for adopting a second dog from us! We look forward to news and photos. And we are happy to know that the two families (foster and adopters) are going to keep in touch. Kate is already talking of visiting when she and her husband are next in Scotland.

Believe it or not this afternoon we had eight further adoptions.

Of those the “best” (they were all wonderful) is that of Roxy. Two years this dog has waited. Would his turn ever come? Of course it would. And it did. A few weeks ago a gentleman came to walk Roxy and couldn’t get him out of his mind. Sometimes it just happens like this. Today he came back to adopt the dog of his dreams. Roxy couldn’t believe his luck. He went round giving everyone kisses before leaving. It just goes to show that we should never give up hope and neither should the dogs. With wonderful staff and  volunteers to keep the dogs socialised and to give them regular walks, it is just a question of finding the right person. Many thanks to Stephanie, Roxy’s sponsor who has walked him almost every time she has visited, but who was not there to say goodbye today. However Roxy’s new owner has promised regular news and visits, so I am so they will meet again.

black griffon

Roxy – ADOPTED (after 2 years)

The other adult to leave today was Lady. She had been brought in for rehoming yesterday by someone who really loved her but whose circumstances had changed to the detriment of his dog. Labrador Lady had everything in her favour; good with dogs, cats and children. Not only that, the day before, Estelle had taken the name of a family who were looking for a labrador. She phoned them today and they came in to meet Lady, and this lovely girl left after just 24 hours at the SPA.

pale lab


The other six adoptions were all of puppies. Four of the five Australian shepherds left with their new families who were selected thanks to the recently introduced Pre-Adoption Questionnaire. Yes, this litter attracted a lot of attention and so staff and volunteers wanted to select what arae considered to be the most suitable families. This is the case for all adoptions from now on, with the plan being that we have fewer (or in an ideal world) no puppies going to families just because they are beautiful to look at.

Australian shepherd


Australian shepherd

Dannie – ADOPTED

black and tan puppy

Gibson – ADOPTED

red merle pup


Puppy Froggie, who was fished out of the canal before she drowned was also homed, as was puppy Tonnerre, who was abandoned on Wednesday this week.

Froggie – ADOPTED

Tonnerre – ADOPTED

So it was a wonderful (and busy day). A final plea….Please don’t forget the last of the Australian litter, Nicole. She may not have the instant charm of the others, but she is a gorgeous affectionate girl who is calm and sociable. Let’s find her a home soon!

black and tan puppy

Nicole is still waiting for a home


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