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What, no Rott?

Whoever thought this day would come? Certainly not me. And the situation may not last long, but for now we are proud to announce that the SPA Carcassonne has no rottweilers in residence!

This is no small achievement. As most of you know, in France rottweilers are category two dogs. This means that permits are required, which are both time-consuming and costly. This puts some people off, and in any case, not everyone is a fan of this breed. At one stage we had five in residence, and there has always been at least one there since I have been volunteering some five years ago. I am sure there are very few volunteers or even employees who can recall a time without a single rottweiler.

Our final rottie, Gordon, was adopted today. He was not the easiest of dogs, either, but he was lucky enough to find a family who were experienced with the breed. They felt at ease with him, so he was good as gold with them.

And we had a second adoption! Many of you, particularly those who follow the SPA Cats Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/SPA-Carcassonne-Chats/184347501612210?fref=ts will be aware that a couple of weeks ago we had a mass arrival of felines following the death of a couple in a nearby village. Well, in amongst all the cats there was a tiny little dog, and today she was adopted!

At ten years old, Missy is a very lucky lady. One thing we know about her, she is okay with cats!

We only had one arrival, so it was not the worst start to the week. But remember what happened last Tuesday…..

Gordon – ADOPTED










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