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When is a dog not a dog? When it is a goat, of course!

Well, this afternoon started off in rather bizarre fashion with a call from our vet to tell us that another vet had treated an injured dog (unidentified of course), and that they would take over if we wished. Later on it turned out that the dog was in fact a goat, and its owners came to collect it!

Then GOOD news! Expected, but no less wonderful for that. In July last year two very timid dogs were brought to the SPA. Their owner had died, and no one in the family wanted to keep the dogs (was it ever thus). Dick and Docker arrived, both scared out of their wits, and the hard work of getting them socialised began. As many volunteers will tell you, getting them out of their shared kennel required enormous patience. I think the first time took over an hour. Gradually however they started to trust people, and they loved being away from the noise of the refuge, so became better at leaving the safety of the kennel.  Then they were spotted by a lovely English couple. Or rather Dick was. His future owners were unable to take him immediately so decided to start walking him on a regular basis, which led to them taking Docker out as well one day. I recall rushing out to take photographs of Docker on their return only to be met with the words “Don’t bother”. This was because they had decided to adopt both dogs!

Today was the big day, and after almost exactly one year, Dick and Docker are finally free, and still together. Now that is what I call a result!

The other (unexpected) news of the day was the adoption of Shenzy, our Dutch Shepherd, who despite her young age was never going to be easy to home as she had a history of biting. Any family taking her would have to go to dog school and commit to educating her to avoid serious behavioural problems. Many thanks to Melissa (employee and also volunteer) who fostered Shenzy and made her adoptable!

The only really bad thing today was the arrival of a 7 year old female jack Russell who is identified but whose owner doesn’t want her as she was stolen SIX YEARS AGO! I will post pictures of her when I have some, hopefully tomorrow. Some people never give up searching for dogs that they have lost, and others just don’t seem to care. Strange….

Goodbye Dick and Docker, you lucky boys!








Bye-bye Shenzy, I will see you at dog training school, I am sure


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