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Windy Cité and Open Sunday.

The weather was much kinder to us today in that it did not rain. There was still a cold wind, especially in La Cité, where it was day two of the Fete of St Nicolas. Well done to the team who managed to endure the arctic conditions! The presence of Benedicte’s huge Great Dane certainly drew the crowds, and one onlooker suggested that we charge a euro per picture; we would have made a fortune!

This afternoon the refuge was open as it was the first Sunday of the month. That is not the same as Christmas for the Animals, which may happen next weekend, if we feel there is enough interest (and if the weather looks okay; I don’t think any of us can stand another weekend wrapped up like the Michelin Man!)

Still, at least it wasn’t wet, and so although we were not as busy as we would have liked, we did have two adoptions. Usually we only have reservations on Sundays, but today Carole gave up her one free day to join us for a couple of hours, and her timing was perfect!

First to leave was old man Hercule. His new family are first time dog owners, so a calm, older dog suited to apartment living seemed just perfect. Hercule was the oldest dog at the SPA, and it is lovely to think of him in the warm tonight.

Then we had the adoption of Caramel. He has gone to the mother of friends of volunteer Deb. See how this whole word of mouth thing works? They were looking for a calm, medium sized dog who would not be too difficult to walk. Carole was there to advise, and her choice proved to be bang on. Caramel needed to get out of the refuge, he arrived fairly thin and refuge life has not been helping at all; he has been looking more and more whippet-like as time went on. He and the family, including two young children, seemed to form an instant bond, and off he went!

There was a reservation too, but even had Carole been there at the time, this dog would not have left, as he needs to see the vet first. I am sure you can guess why; we haven’t told the dog yet!

A couple of other visitors are thinking about whom to choose, so all in all it was a pretty good day. Especially as the only dog who arrived was micro-chipped and was reclaimed as soon as her owners could make it.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. Should we do it again next week?

Team Cité. Spirits are high despite the icy cold!








A sprightly eleven year old Hercule – ADOPTED













And Caramel – ADOPTED








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