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Winnie | R592

Winnie large male cross breedMale, Young, Large

Winnie would be a great dog for anyone looking for a big young fluffy dog. We think he is a cross between a pyrenean mountain dog and a golden retriever, as he weighs 30 something kilos, with more to gain. He was born in February 2017, so even though he has finished growing upwards, some more outward expansion is almost guaranteed! Is this why he was abandoned? A car pulled up at the SPA just as the staff were arriving in mid December, and a man was seen shoving Winnie into one of the external kennels. When he was told to go to the reception, he did a tyre-squealing escape, leaving Winnie behind. Initially terrified, as soon as Winnie was able to leave the pound (which would have been immediately, had his owner filled in forms to abandon his dog), Winnie was just fine. He shared his kennel happily, and is great on the lead. He is a magnificent dog, quite calm and just waiting for a new home.
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  • Magnificent dog
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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