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Yesterday’s adoption of Dali

Other commitments by both myself and Moira meant that there was no blog yesterday, but we have a tiny bit of catching up to do from yesterday, when we had an adoption

After a relatively short three and a half months at the refuge, Dali left for his new home yesterday. He has been on this site as one of our “hidden gems”, by which we mean a dog who has trouble getting noticed, but who is definitely worth a second (and third!) look. Sometimes dogs like this need a “champion” at the refuge, ie someone who knows them and is happy to guide a potential adopter in their direction. It is easy to pass by the perfect dog when there are a hundred looking at you with hope in their eyes.

On this occasion the family was drawn to a couple of other dogs, but for various reasons (children and cats in the family,) they were just not right. A quick chat to staff helped narrow the field to a couple of dogs who had all the desired qualities but who were also child friendly. This is how Dali found his new home.

When adopting don’t hesitate to ask the advice of staff or volunteers or anyone who knows the dog. Dali is very glad this family did, that is for sure!

shepherd cross


If all goes according to plan there will be news tomorrow, so see you then!

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