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Yesterday’s adoption of “not quite pup” Nikita

Last week Moira turned the spotlight on some of the teenagers or “not-quite pups” at the ScPA Carcassonne. As she said, some dogs arrive when they have stopped being tiny and cute, and their owners have often put little or no effort into training them. When they arrive at the refuge (usually unidentified), they can lack lead skills and often are unsure how to behave around other dogs.

Such was the case with Nikita when she arrived in mid- November. Very affectionate with humans, this dog, who had just turned 5 months old at the time of her arrival, was unused to other dogs. The excellent work by staff and volunteers meant that pretty soon she was sharing her kennel and so she made rapid progress, and was soon far happier than when she arrived.

Nikita was adopted yesterday, and we are delighted for her. We would love some of our other not quite pups to find homes, of course, and DRC plans to make them the focus of our next Instagram campaign! You can follow us there too, if you like @dogrescuecarca

Nikita – ADOPTED

There were no adoptions today but there was a lovely reservation, and so more good news is on the way!

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