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Yippee! Four adoptions!

Despite the day’s strong winds there were plenty of volunteers at the SPA to walk dogs and cuddle cats. Thanks as ever to you all. Without you the refuge would be a much sadder place.

On the subject of sad, it looks like yesterday’s arrival, Zion, will not be reclaimed. His owner has gone to live in England (apparently immigration goes in both directions!) and left the dog with a neighbour, who may or may not want him

We had another arrival, a lovely female who was found in Carcassonne on Thursday by some volunteers.  She spent two nights at their house (where she was impeccably behaved), before visiting the vet to see if she was chipped. Answer: no. However this girl, who has been named “Mimi Cracra”, is housetrained and fine with other dogs, so she definitely has (or had) an owner. If they don’t come to reclaim her, someone else will snap her up, I am sure.

We have a new MALE volunteer to walk the big, pully dogs, which is fabulous. But our Hero of the Day award goes to Eric, who jumped over the refuge wall in a single bound to help capture a dog who had broken his collar whilst out walking, and was fighting with another refuge dog who was also out on a walk. Eric heard the cries for help and did his Superman impression. Oh, the excitement of life at the SPA!

Not only did we have heroics, there were also FOUR adoptions. Been a while since I have said that!

On Wednesday I mentioned that one of our long-term residents had been reserved, by which I meant a dog who had been with us for over a year. Well, today I can reveal that the lucky dog was dog-hating but cat-loving Gaspard. And sure enough he was adopted by an English family! My fellow countrymen are not the only ones that like chasse-type dogs, but it seems that we are responsible for the adoption of more than our fair share of them!

The other adoptions were those of the puppy Pigeon, who arrived having been “found” by a family whom we are pretty sure were his real owners. In any case, if they didn’t want him, it is far better that he go home with someone who DOES. His kennel-mate, another puppy, Palmito left, too; he didn’t even have a Facebook album, so sadly no photos of him to show you.

And the final adoption of the day was that of Hot. This boy arrived in November. He was already identified but it was the same old story, phone number no longer in service. This handsome lad is not great with other males, so has not been sharing his kennel. The upside of this is that he has had a lot of walks, and it was thanks to this that we found out just how loving and affectionate he is. At just 2 years old, Hot has plenty of time to forget the five or so months he spent at the SPA. He now has a new family and will be sharing his home with cats. It is surprising the number of dogs who prefer cats to their fellow canines.

All in all a pretty good day!

New arrival Mimi-Cracra








Gaspard  –  ADOPTED (after 13 months)








Pigeon  – ADOPTED




















Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s ERIC

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